IoTSmartTank – The worlds First Smart Tank Adapter for any industry

Immediately turn any chemical, liquid, or gas industrial storage tank into a secure IoT capable device and platform with active state reporting. Our tech allows you to collect gps and usage data with unprecedented ease allowing for asset tracking and data analysis to maximize costs and efficiency across the board.

Subsidiary of iQSTEL About IoTLabs

Big Picture

Big Picture

With the growing interconnectedness of the globe IoT and big data are revolutionizing the way every industry does business. The chemical and industrial industries are currently undergoing some of the biggest changes they have ever seen with the growth of Industry 4.0.

We here at IoT Labs Mx SAPI a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly listed US-based iQSTEL Inc have been internationally recognized for our BreakThrough IoT winning IoT Smart Gas platform are now revolutionizing the global chemical playing field using our same expertise.

The IoTSmartTank platform consists of an IoT field device installed on any industrial chemical, liquid, or gas tank (adaptable to virtually any gas or liquid storage tank) which, with an Internet of Things (IoT) technology connectivity via Sigfox or GSM network, allows for remote management and improved logistic processes, asset tracking, usage tracking, and tank monitoring in real-time by the accompanied mobile app. The new GSM tracking feature allows for mobile use including ground, air, and sea tank monitoring.

Our goal is and always has been to solve the problems our users didn’t know they had and boost all of our partner’s profitability. With our IoTanks solution, we’re able to help you capitalize on novel data analysis models to help improve your bottom line, whether that’s through asset tracking, through supply chain optimization, or through logistical breakthroughs.


Constant and Real-time Product Availability. You will never run out of product.

24/7 Real-time monitoring of product stock. You won’t need to keep monitoring your stock of product.

Automatic fulfillment and scheduling using data optimization.

Product fulfillment reporting via email or SMS.

Real-time availability saves time and money.

Human contact reduced – Important consideration in the post COVID-19 “new normal”.

Why IoTSmartTank

IoTSmartTank is currently in the first stages of implementation or consideration by our global partners including leaders in the Liquid Propane and Chemical worlds. Our team’s experience brings together a robust backend solution with the ability to quickly customize to any industrial solution you and your teams may need.

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